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North American Manufacturing – North America Growing at a Steady Rate

Manufacturing in North America
North American ManufacturingNorth America was previously one of the leaders in global manufacturing. The amount of goods produced in both Canada and the United States rivaled the goods manufactured in any other country in the world. Over time China and other countries became the clear cut global leaders as manufacturing in North America declined.
Manufacturing in North America has risen to the point where it is now challenging the global leaders. Decreases in domestic manufacturing costs as well as increased reserves of the raw materials necessary for manufacturing many of the products are the main reasons why North America has continued to gain manufacturing ground. At the same time manufacturing costs in Asia have increased to levels that have removed much of the savings achieved with offshore manufacturing.
North America has many advantages in terms of manufacturing that are becoming increasingly important as domestic manufacturing continues to grow. These advantages include the following:
  • Low transportation costs because many of the products that are manufactured domestically are used in North America.
  • Highly skilled labour is readily available
  • Strict quality standards ensure that products that are manufactured are of the highest quality
  • Availability of raw materials means less need to import materials from other countries.
Machining in North America
The demand for machining services has grown along with the manufacturing industry. Machining is one of the main elements of the manufacturing process and is responsible for "finishing” many products. Machining is used as part of the manufacturing process, but it is also used to create many of the machines used for manufacturing. When these machines need repairs, machining is also typically used to help repair as well.
Machining is defined as the processes that are used in the removal of materials from an object to create a more desirable shape or size. The most common processes work to:
  • Cut away material
  • Drill new holes or widen pre-existing holes
  • Smooth surfaces
The processes used to achieve these results are called turning, drilling, boring and grinding. These processes are accomplished either by conventional methods or by the help of specialized machines. These specialized machines have evolved to the point where they can be run with the use of computer programs to achieve extremely precise results with exceptionally tight tolerance. These machines are referred to as Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines and they greatly increase efficiency while offering repeatable accuracy as well.
Choosing the Right Machine Shop
The services provided by machine shops in North America are vital to most manufacturers continuing to run at peak efficiency. Some of the machine shops operating in North America have over 40 years of professional experience machining parts with tight tolerance and precision. These companies continue to be successful due to a consistent dedication to investing in the latest machining technology and hiring only highly skilled labour with a focus on continuous training and skills improvement.
The best machine shops will have a strong presence in the top manufacturing places in North America such as:
North American manufacturing is set to remain strong in support of the quality machining services that are available across both the United States and Canada.
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